We were honoured to be lead sponsor for the sixth annual AIMA Next Generation Manager Forum on Friday 8th June. The conference offers a showcase for the best meetings that AIMA’s Next Generation Manager Group held throughout the year. These meetings provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and the development of peer networking for senior individuals at hedge fund businesses managing less than $500m in hedge assets.

This year’s event saw almost 200 delegates attend four panel discussions—ranging from how to best manage the firm’s operations, navigating the key compliance issues into 2020, and a discussion on how best to manage capital raising for your business.

Introductory remarks were provided by AIMA’s CEO Jack Inglis, who noted that the industry remains in rude health amid strong capital inflows, as well as the number of net fund launches turning positive.

Related to this, Sean Capstick of GPP presented initial findings of AIMA and GPP’s “Making it Big” survey, which explores key trends for hedge fund businesses as they evolve from start-up through to becoming billion-dollar businesses. If you are a hedge fund business running less than $1 billion AUM, please take a moment to complete this survey here. The resulting analysis will be published in early September.